AdA International Basic - Trainer Training for Dual Vocational Training - and: The world’s first „Trainer in Business (CCA / German Chamber of Commerce Abroad)” qualified to certify trainers.



AdA International Basic – Trainer Training for Dual Vocational Training - and:
The world’s first „Trainer in Business (CCA / German Chamber of Commerce Abroad)” qualified to certify trainers.

Benefit from effective business training in intercultural settings

We all learn from the day we are born – every single day, as long as we live. Learning is natural. Learning is fun. In fact – our brain enjoys learning.

However as the renowned educator Horst Siebert once so accurately stated – adults “are able to learn, but unteachable”. This has also been my own observation in my many years of experience as a professional trainer and trainer of trainers. Knowing this, my role in training is to pave the way for open-mindedness and willingness to learn, and to spark interest and curiosity. To my mind, these are the prerequisites for effective learning in professional adult education.

My personal contribution is

This is what I bring to the table as the world’s first “Trainer-Trainer in Business (CCA)” (German Chamber of Commerce Abroad)”. The “Train the Trainer in Business (CCA)“ qualification is certified by the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCA) and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), in co-operation with the affiliated training organization of the Association of German Chambers (DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH). This international Train-the-Trainer seminar can qualify your staff to deliver training in other countries, or it can be conducted in your overseas branches to train local employees.

Target Group

Besides specialist trainers and lecturers, the CCA Certificate course is especially geared towards internal company trainers, managers with training functions, and human resource developers in business of all sizes and in all branches who are assigned the task of international knowledge transfer.

Course Objectives

The CCA Certificate course prepares employees to manage complex training process in international contexts. Successful participants learn the core didactic and methodical thinking behind effective adult education, and recognize the value of appreciative dialogue in training. They are able to employ visualization techniques effectively, and learn to master a variety of training methods for accompanying and stimulating participants during learning processes. Graduates acquire the skills to design, prepare and conduct effective training sessions or even extensive training and education programmes. They gather practical knowledge on effective learning techniques and for handling difficult situations, particularly with regard to intercultural trainings. Successful participants receive a CCA Certificate which certifies in both German and English that the holder is qualified to lead effective learning processes using creative pedagogical techniques and esteeming support.

For you as a company decision-maker, qualifying your staff as Business Trainers means:

  • Flexible training facilities at short notice through deployment of internal staff
  • No extra costs for external trainers – low effort and expense for training and instruction
  • Training during international rollouts conducted by in-house experts
  • Personal contact between headquarter employees and your staff, partners and customers abroad – thus stronger in-house networking
  • Circulation of knowledge on work processes and company culture by your own staff
  • Cost savings and increased efficiency in staff development

The „Train the Trainer in Business (CCA)“ is an internationally recognized, advanced training concept certified by the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCA) and the Association of German Chambers (DIHK). External link: The course was developed under the aegis of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok in cooperation with experts from the DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH, Bonn and MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific, Bangkok/Thailand.

Interested? Feel free to contact me for further details. You can reach me best by mail at info[at]edwin-lemke[dot]de.

And: Edwin Lemke – Training by Understandingis a member of the iMOVE-Network

Der weltweit erste „Trainer in Business (AHK)“, der andere Trainer zertifiziert.


Ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule? It is based on studies which claim that you need 10,000 hours of deliberate practice in a field to achieve expert performance. For you as a client, this means that

  • You can be sure you are booking a trainer with deep expertise, stemming from over 25 years training experience on four continents and
  • I guarantee that you will further your own personal development in my trainings, because you will be actively involved.

It is my aim in training to ensure that you, as a participant, spend around 80% of the training time designing, trying out your skills and discussing. You will have ample opportunity to practice – and start collecting your own 10,000 hours. The stimulating variety of methods I use guarantees diversity and promotes your learning process. They are based on the insights of Accelerated Learning, modern neuroscience and educational constructivism.

It is normal nowadays for a company to have branches and partnerships in other countries. As a result of this trend, the need for training and education in the host countries has grown. You as a company have the task of communicating details of your products and your company culture to staff, partners and customers in the countries in which you do business. Your in-house trainers are therefore more than mere know-how carriers. They shape the image of your organization, and are in an ideal position to strengthen bonds between your headquarters and foreign sites. In fact, who could be more suitable for foreign assignments than your own staff?
The Train-the-Trainer concept certified by the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCA) prepares your staff for this multi-faceted task.
Key Focus
This CCA certified training contains the classic contents of a Train-the-Trainer seminar. Beyond this, there are 3 main areas of focus:

  • Graduates learn how effective transfer of knowledge is closely bound to the (corporate) culture in a region; they learn to deliver training with tact and sensitivity.
  • We look into modern, high-impact visualization techniques. The advantage of visualization: a picture reaches our subconscious directly, which promotes the learning process.
  • Participants enjoy training at the cutting edge of adult education.

Your benefits
There are many simple and convincing reasons for developing staff into the role of in-house trainers: – Your own staff are authentic representatives of your company abroad. – They are available short-term. – There is no need for lengthy initial training, which saves your company money.
The basic package consists of 9 modules totalling 70 hours. The training language is English.
If you have special requirements, please approach me about possible adjustments to content, duration and language.

Presentation Skills
Experienced managers focus their presentations on key messages. Targeted expert information and individual coaching can help you visualize and deliver your presentations more effectively.
Target Group
This special workshop is aimed at experienced managers who wish to harness the power of the state-of-the-art techniques used in today’s most successful presentations for their own purposes.

  • Effective rules, techniques and theory are immediately translated into practice
  • Individual contents are revised during training
  • Small groups only
  • Homogenous participant groups in terms of interest and objectives
  • Intensive and timely revision of individual topics
  • The outcome? Successful and effective presentations


  • Reduction to the essentials
  • Many diverse examples – with practical and theoretical background
  • Professional visualization (acc. to Nancy Duarte)
  • Storytelling (based on the 4MAT-Model)
  • Emotional stories


  1. Pre-Analysis / Coaching 1: Existing presentations (PPT / Flipchart photo protocols / Prezi / any additional relevant information) are sent to the trainer -> Trainer analyzes the material, fine-tunes the training accordingly, gives initial feedback.
  2. Training / 1 day, approx. 1 week later: Key points: Focusing on what’s most important, visualization, emotional storytelling.
  3. Coaching / 1 day

The training can be held in German or English.

Manager Training
In order to grow as a manager, you do not need to invent each next step for yourself – you can tap expertise and define milestones in collaboration with others.
In this training, you will reflect on what is expected of you in your role of manager and learn how to fulfill these expectations by knowing and exploiting your personal strengths. And you will find ways of achieving your goals through effective interaction with your employees. You will learn how to handle difficult situations and challenges in order to reach your goals.
Finally, the most exciting task of all awaits you: Learn how to shape your future and develop goals and visions which inspire and motivate your staff. Become a change leader yourself.
Key Focus
In the “Leading Yourself” workshop, managers learn how to exploit their personal strengths and develop effective strategies to meet ever increasing demands. In “Leading Others“, they differentiate their own potentials, and learn to drive common goals, taking individuality in their team members into account.
Each workshop lasts 4 days and can be adjusted to your company’s requirements in terms of content, duration and language (German or English).

What is Resilience?
Resilience describes the ability of systems, and also of human beings, to handle change. Linked to this is the capacity to cope with pressure and outside influences.
Why is it important?
Both employees and managers face particularly challenging situations in today’s workplaces. Faced with growing stress and increasing demands, there is a threat of a downward spiral for many employees…
Some of the difficulties may be summarized as follows:

  • Employees require persistence, stamina and concentration in order to maintain focus in their everyday work
  • They are insecure, because they are increasingly negatively influenced by many factors
  • They are stressed and tend to blow minor physical symptoms out of all proportion
  • They need more support to be able to continue or improve their self-coaching
  • They need a secure environment and enough time to be able to clarify their emotions and future goals
  • They need support in retaining their personal strengths and motivation.

By cultivating the scientifically researched and practically learnable skill of resilience, employees can not only master their pressures and challenging life situations, but also emerge stronger. Targeted training can help people increase their mental strength and learn to cope positively with the challenges they face.
In this training, employees:

  • learn the significance of resilience in today’s workplace (7 pillars) – and the effects of insufficient resilience in critical situations
  • become familiar with protective factors for surviving under pressure (e.g. exercise, sleep)
  • reflect on their personal pressures
  • check their current level of robustness using subjective techniques and resilience questionnaires
  • experience their personal strain situation by means of an HRV (heart-rate variablility) (objective) reading
  • practice emotional self-management through mental training
  • create a personal action plan with palliative and regenerative components in order to translate what they have learned into day-to-day professional reorientation
  • discover untapped resilience potential by means of “Appreciative Inquiry”
  • increase their personal coping skills by discovering ways of activating their willpower to increase their psychological robustness.

This seminar is designed to last one day. This „Success Factor Resilience“ training fulfills the requirements of § 20 a SGB V. The cost of the training may therefore be reimbursed by your employee’s health insurer.

Healthy Leadership
The focus of this leadership workshop is on the influence managers have on their employees with regard to their physical and mental health. The potential effect is a reduction in workplace absence and fluctuation, as well as a general increase in performance. Today, “healthy leadership” is one of the most vital ingredients for a company’s competitiveness and future success.

  • Role model: Self-esteem and self-leadership
  • The manager: Health factor No. 1
  • The 3 basic strategies of healthy leadership:
    • Health-oriented employee leadership
    • Setting a healthy example
    • Ensuring a healthy workplace
  • The 4-level model of healthy leadership
    • Target and task-oriented leadership
    • Employee-oriented leadership
    • Shaping working and organizational processes
  • Creating a company culture of healthy leadership
  • Structural and behavioural prevention
  • Recognizing health risks
  • Important factors for healthy employees:
    • Security, manageable workload, motivation, scope of action
  • Esteeming communication:
    • The five languages of appreciation
    • A toolbox for effective and conscious communication
    • Active-constructive response, the 3:1-ratio, sandwich feedback

Training Methods:

  • Trainer input and moderated discussions
  • Workshop character: Individual and group work and plenum discussions
  • Questionnaires for analyzing your present state
  • Physical movement and relaxation
  • Personal handout

Agenda Modular concept
Module 1: Input (approx. 3 -4 hrs) Trainer lecture – plenum discussion + subsequent individual work (reading handout + exercise)
10 days later: Module 2: Workshop (1 day) Learn and experience alternative communication – develop individual solutions

  • Presentation and discussions
  • Calibrating tailor-made solutions
  • Personal goal setting

2-3 weeks later: Module 3: Ensuring knowledge transfer and coaching Minimum: Group web-meeting – individual telephone calls or Standard: Face-to-face group meeting and/or Premium: Personal on-site coaching / in live situations (e.g. meeting moderation, objective setting, kick-off event)

Learning Appreciation
Learning Appreciation: Appreciative Communication for Managers It is often underestimated just how much influence managers have on the health and motivation of their staff. In this seminar, managers learn how to consciously and effectively optimize work and team processes by means of esteeming behaviour.

  • Learn
    • The connection between Corporate health management and appreciative communication
    • Different ways to show appreciation
    • Options for difficult situations such as performance feedback and return to work discussions
    • Techniques for successfully changing one’s own behaviour
  • Develop appropriate concepts for everyday work situations
  • Practice techniques for establishing changes of behaviour
  • Create individual solutions for their own workplace setting


  • Connections between Corporate Health Management and esteeming behaviour
  • A toolbox (with several dozen solutions) for practicing appreciative behaviour
  • Practical behaviour options in difficult situations
  • Concrete tips for learning appreciation and facilitating desired changes of behaviour

Methods and Training Structure

  • Lecture, plenum discussions and moderated case processing
  • Individual, pair and team work based on a comprehensive working text
  • Role plays and topic-based interactions
  • Individual trainer accompaniment for individual issues
  • Successful transfer to the workplace
  • Optimal learning due to the 3-phase structure „Input – Training – Coaching“

Module 1: Input (approx. 3 – 4 hrs) Trainer input – plenum discussion + subsequent individual work (reading handout + exercise)
10 days later: Module 2 – Training (1 day)

  • Designing special solutions
  • Deepening knowledge
  • Discussions
  • Personal objective setting

Approx. 7 bis 10 days later: Module 3: Coaching (1 hour) Ensuring transfer of knowledge and coaching in individual situations



IT and Communication

Further education and Consulting


Transport and Logistics





Besides numerous training manuals in the context of special projects in the last few years, I have also summarized and published much of my experience on the topics of „Self-Coaching“ and „Appreciative Communication“. The practical guide to „Learning Appreciation“ in particular, was not only conceived as a book to browse and refer to occasionally, but as accompanying literature for my communication and manager trainings.

In English
NEW: Train the Trainer in Business: Adult Training in Intercultural Contexts This workbook provides practical tips for situational and intercultural adult training, and it serves as a source of information and companion for those trainers who want to make their mark. It is designed as accompanying material for seminars on the subject of “Train the Trainer in Business (AHK)” concluded by a certification by the German Chamber of Commerce. The guide is part of the first module of your “Train the Trainer in Business (AHK)” – (AHK = “Außenhandelskammer”: German Chamber of Commerce). Books on Demand, 2014 ISBN-13: 978-3735736413

Learning Appreciation in Business: A Practical Guide to Appreciative Communication in the Workplace with Self-Coaching Tips for Managers The collection of appreciative techniques in this guide is designed to provide you with a range of options for expressing your appreciation to others in a meaningful and effective way. Both this guide and our seminars are available in English and German. Books on Demand, 2013 ISBN-13: 978-3732249954

In German
Wertschätzung lernen: Ein Praxisbuch zum betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement und zum Selbstcoaching für Führungskräfte Diese Sammlung wertschätzenden Verhaltens stellt einen Werkzeugkoffer dar unter dem Gesichtspunkt, Wertschätzung zu erlernen. Das Buch ist ebenfalls als Unterlage für die Teilnehmer von Wertschätzungsseminaren konzipiert und beinhaltet ein umfangreiches, praktisches Wertschätzungs-Toolkit für Führungskräfte. Wie die Seminare zu diesem Thema ist es erhältlich in Deutsch und Englisch. Books on Demand; 2. Auflage 2012 ISBN-13: 978-3844819601 e

Wertschätzung schenken: Für besondere Mitarbeit: Anerkennung für Nicht-immer-Selbstverständliches Ihre Mitarbeiter verdienen Ihre Wertschätzung, vor allem, wenn sie etwas Besonderes geleistet haben. Als Führungskraft oder Chef wissen Sie, dass Sie Einfluss auf die Motivation und auch auf die Gesundheit Ihrer Mitarbeiter haben – Wertschätzung und Anerkennung sind wichtig für das Selbstwertgefühl und unmittelbar für die Arbeitsleistung. Ihre Wertschätzung zeigen Sie, indem Sie die richtigen Worte finden. Beim “Danke-Sagen” unterstützt Sie dieses Geschenkbuch. Books on Demand, 2013 ISBN-13: 978-3732231140

Sicher motivieren: Leistungsschub durch aktive Antworten! Eine Struktur zu möglichen Antworten auf Erfolgsmeldungen von Mitarbeiterinnen hilft, aktiv und konstruktiv darauf einzugehen – und damit weitere Motivation zu erzeugen. Praxistipps und Übungen bereiten Sie darauf vor, die neuen Techniken gezielt umzusetzen. In: Führung & Management. Mitarbeiterführung • Motivation • Selbst- und Zeitmanagement AKTUELL, 09/2014, S. 6-7.

Effektives Selbstmanagement: Lernen kann man lernen! Lebenslanges Lernen klingt wie selbstverständlich, wird aber besonders für Erwachsene immer schwieriger. Was also hilft Ihnen dabei, die Informationsflut besser zu bewältigen und Neues zu lernen? Gewinnen Sie einen Überblick darüber, welche Lernmethoden den meisten „Lernerfolg“ versprechen und welche kleinen Tipps Ihnen beim Lernen helfen können. In: Führung & Management. Mitarbeiterführung • Motivation • Selbst- und Zeitmanagement AKTUELL, 05/2014, S. 7-8.

Effektives Selbstmanagement: Selbstcoaching mit der S.C.O.R.E.-Struktur Der Beitrag zeigt, wie Sie positive Verhaltensweisen aufbauen und stabilisieren können: Sie erhalten einen Überblick über einen ebenso konkreten wie bewährten ganzheitlichen Ansatz zum Selbstcoaching. Das Ganze ist verbunden mit sehr konkreten Tipps und Informationen, so dass Sie strukturiert und Step by Step Ihre persönlichen Ziele angehen können. Dabei werden Sie Ihr Hauptaugenmerk auf Ihre Motivation und Ihre Erfolge richten können. In: Führung & Management. Mitarbeiterführung • Motivation • Selbst- und Zeitmanagement AKTUELL, 1/2014, S. 1-2.

Sicher motivieren: Die fünf Signale der Wertschätzung Der Artikel zeigt Ihnen Möglichkeiten, um dem Prinzip „Wertschätzung“ mehr Geltung zu verschaffen, die Sie innerhalb kurzer Zeit umsetzen können: Sie erhalten einen Überblick über den Zusammenhang zwischen Führung und Gesundheit und können einen Selbstcheck zu Ihrem eigenen wertschätzenden Führungsverhalten durchführen. Sie lernen die fünf Signale der Wertschätzung kennen und wann Sie sie individuell einsetzen können. Sie bekommen Tipps zum Selbstcoaching und zur eigenen, gesunden Selbstwertschätzung. In: Führung & Management. Mitarbeiterführung • Motivation • Selbst- und Zeitmanagement AKTUELL, 11/2013, S. 1-2.

Der weltweit erste „Trainer in Business (AHK)“, der andere Trainer zertifiziert.

About me

„Training by Understanding“ is not just a slogan. It’s my motto.

It all started with a trip to France to learn the language. Today, I am still fascinated by discovering unknown people and places. My vocation as a trainer provides me with the ideal combination: meeting people and travelling.

Training requires constant mental presence. It demands alertness and a permanent awareness of what’s happening in the group. I relax between these phases of intense concentration with sport. In fact, I would even describe myself as a thoroughbred sportsman, having actively participated in many different types of sports. Or enjoyed them as a spectator. When I travel abroad, I always take my running shoes with me. For there just might be a running event where I’m going. As a pleasure runner, I seize the opportunity to take part – be it a run by the sea, in a local park or up a mountain.

My second passion lies in fostering a culture of appreciation, attentiveness and respect between people. When training, I step back and set my antennae to receive. For me it is important to know what excites my participants, what they need right now and how I can best reach them. For to my mind, adult learning entails 15% trainer, and 85% participant activity. Empathy is generally an indispensable trait for a trainer. However in an international context, it is even more crucial. You can never read up on all of the cultural characteristics of a host country – sometimes you have to rely on your sensitivity and intuition. My third focus topic completes the circle: Understanding. To this end, I am fascinated by a journey of a special kind – the journey into the human mind. * 1955, in a committed relationship, two children

Project Experience
… Train-the-Trainer experience in many different branches

  • IT and Communication, Engineering and Construction, Training and Consulting, Food, Transport and Logistics, Politics, Automotive, … and others

… international

  • Global airline, Germany and Hungary
  • International machine construction group, project in Thailand
  • International food manufacturer, projects in Germany and Hungary
  • Global automobile manufacturer, projects in Germany and England

… assorted

  • International transport and logistics company
  • Design and delivery of training and competence analyses in 15 countries on 4 continents
  • German state institution
  • Leadership of a project team of 15 Trainers for 8 years

If you would like any more information, please let me know and I will send you further details.

University Lecturer
  • since 2014 Social Competence – Appreciation in Consulting
at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
  • 86 – 88 Wholesale and Foreign Trade Expert, Instructor; IHK Düsseldorf
  • 84 – 86 Teaching Training, Vocational Schools, Iserlohn / Grammar School, Letmathe
  • 75 – 83 Degree in Education, University of Bonn, Sport science, German, Educational Psychology
Further Training
  • 2013 Systemic Structural Coaching with Matthias Varga von Kibéd
  • 2011 Positive Psychology, Psychosynthesis, Presencing
  • 2004 Certified KODE(X)-Trainer for competence assessment, with John Erpenbeck / Volker Heyse
  • 99 – 00 Health Professional NLP with W. Lenk und R. Dilts
  • 94 – 96 International NLP Practitioner, Master und Trainer, with M. und Ed Reese, M. Schmidt-Tanger, M. Grinder, F. Farrelly i.a.
  • 86 – 87 Advanced English Language Certificate for Industry and Commerce, German-British Chamber, London

Edisonallee 8
53125 Bonn
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Freiberufler nach § 18 EStG
St. Nr. 206 5190 0407
Gerichtsstand Bonn
Fon: +49 (0) 17 18 15 6503

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