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Dual Education - International

For dual education the "Train the trainer" is essential all over the world.

So far I have already conducted the first "AdA International Basic" trainings in Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Lithuania and Macedonia.

This training guarantees highest International Quality Standards:
ISO DIN 29993!

Dual Education - International
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Train the Trainer in Business (AHK)

The AHK training concept
"Train the Trainer in Business (AHK)"
is an internationally recognized training program with AHKs and DIHK certificates.
I developed it under the leadership of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce and, for example, it was certified in Chile according to ISO 17 024 standards.

Trainer in Business

Healthy Leadership

Executives and employees
are tremendously challenged by massive changes in the VUCA world.

This seminar incorporates the elements of the proven DoCare training and enables executives to lead themselves and their employees in a health-promoting way.

You find more general information at

Healthy Peformance - Healthy Leadership

Learning Appreciation

Value creation through appreciation -

this is particularly true, but not only, for executives in agile companies.


In this seminar, you benefit from a comprehensive toolbox and the experience of successful executives.

Learning Appreciation

Knowledge Management

Purposeful knowledge management uses existing experience and knowledge of all generations.

And: The company will be attractive to customers and employees.

Structured tools, such as Reverse Mentoring,
support knowledge transfer in the company.

Knowledge Management

Leading in Diversity

Managers should be aware of their own tendencies and automatisms, and they need more information and insights to effectively shape or improve their leadership behavior, for example, in conflict situations.

In this seminar, they get opportunities to exchange and to develop further their behavioral repertoire
in order to meet daily diverse demands.

Leading in Diversity
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