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Dual Education:

Train the Trainer - International

Dual Education and AdA International


My training guarantees highest international quality standards - 
according to DIN ISO 29 993!

The dual vocational training enhances trainers´ competences corresponding to the German system, which leads to extraordinary productivity and innovation.

The training prepares how to combine work skills with activities and process-oriented content. It aims to develop apprentices professionally and to promote their know-how and flexible adaptation to the constant change in the working environment.

The training produces trainers who are specifically qualified for their job and for their operational practice. This is confirmed by an objective test - the competent AHK nominates an experienced and competent board of examiners.

I have successfully conducted this training already in several countries - Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, North-Macedonia, Lithuania - 
and I cooperated with many German Chambers of Commerce:


The AdA International Basic Training consists of 4 steps:

  1. Step: Evaluate the training requirements

  2. Step: Prepare the training and select the apprentices and trainees

  3. Step: Perform training

  4. Step: Complete the workout


Special features are:

  • Highest Quality Training ISO DIN 29993

  • First class coach

  • Qualification concept according to German standards

  • Adapted syllabus

  • Practice-approved learning materials

  • Quality seal according to AHK certification and
    Certificate from "Training by Understanding"

  • Training and exam in English or German 
    (or any other language with translator)


Further, detailed information about the seminar "Training of Instructors International Basic" can be found here: AdA International Basic - Overview Training Procedure

Your Trainer:

trains effectively, and is appreciating and globally experienced.


Booking -

- or further information:

Certificate "Training by Understanding" AdA International
Edwin Lemke: AdA International
AdA International - Manila
AdA International,  Mazedonien
AdA International - Kuala Lumpur
AdA International - Skopje
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