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Learning Appreciation

Learning Appreciation: Appreciative Communication for Managers

It is often underestimated just how much influence managers have on the health and motivation of their staff. In this seminar, managers learn how to consciously and effectively optimize work and team processes by means of esteeming behaviour. 



  • Learn

    • The connection between Corporate health management and appreciative communication

    • Different ways to show appreciation

    • Options for difficult situations such as performance feedback and return to work discussions

    • Techniques for successfully changing one’s own behaviour

  • Develop appropriate concepts for everyday work situations

  • Practice techniques for establishing changes of behaviour

  • Create individual solutions for their own workplace setting



  • Connections between Corporate Health Management and esteeming behaviour

  • A toolbox (with several dozen solutions) for practicing appreciative behaviour

  • Practical behaviour options in difficult situations

  • Concrete tips for learning appreciation and facilitating desired changes of behaviour


Methods and Training Structure

  • Lecture, plenum discussions and moderated case processing

  • Individual, pair and team work based on a comprehensive working text

  • Role plays and topic-based interactions

  • Individual trainer accompaniment for individual issues

  • Successful transfer to the workplace

  • Optimal learning due to the 3-phase structure „Input – Training – Coaching“

Module 1: Input (approx. 3 – 4 hrs) 

Trainer input – plenum discussion + subsequent individual work (reading handout + exercise) 


10 days later: 

Module 2: Training (1 day)

  • Designing special solutions

  • Deepening knowledge

  • Discussions

  • Personal objective setting

Approx. 7 bis 10 days later: 

Module 3: Coaching (1 hour):

Ensuring transfer of knowledge and coaching in individual situations

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