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For you as a company decision-maker, qualifying your staff as Business Trainers means:

  • Flexible training facilities at short notice through deployment of internal staff

  • No extra costs for external trainers – low effort and expense for training and instruction

  • Training during international rollouts conducted by in-house experts

  • Personal contact between headquarter employees and your staff, partners and customers abroad – thus stronger in-house networking

  • Circulation of knowledge on work processes and company culture by your own staff

  • Cost savings and increased efficiency in staff development

You can book the successful trainer training and trainer training worldwide. Both events were conducted e.g. in Manila and in Skopje (in English), in Taipei and in Santiago de Chile (both with interpreter).


It is normal nowadays for a company to have branches and partnerships in other countries. As a result of this trend, the need for training and education in the host countries has grown. You as a company have the task of communicating details of your products and your company culture to staff, partners and customers in the countries in which you do business. Your in-house trainers are therefore more than mere know-how carriers. They shape the image of your organization, and are in an ideal position to strengthen bonds between your headquarters and foreign sites. In fact, who could be more suitable for foreign assignments than your own staff? 
The Train-the-Trainer concept certified by the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCA) prepares your staff for this multi-faceted task.

Key Focus
This CCA certified training contains the classic contents of a Train-the-Trainer seminar. Beyond this, there are 3 main areas of focus:


  • Graduates learn how effective transfer of knowledge is closely bound to the (corporate) culture in a region; they learn to deliver training with tact and sensitivity.

  • We look into modern, high-impact visualization techniques. The advantage of visualization: a picture reaches our subconscious directly, which promotes the learning process.

  • Participants enjoy training at the cutting edge of adult education.

The methods

The trainings are carried out in an optimizing and activating method mix.

In addition to group activities like discussions and "mumble groups",

working groups, new techniques such as "2 Circles" or "Vernissage",

practicing the 4MAT model,

professional visualizations and well-proven methods. 

Inputs are given with mind maps and

further current visualization techniques such as Barefoot Videos.

Your benefits 
There are many simple and convincing reasons for developing staff into the role of in-house trainers:

 – Your own staff are authentic representatives of your company abroad

 – They are available short-term

 – There is no need for lengthy initial training, which saves your company money. 
The basic package consists of 9 modules totalling 70 hours. The training language is English. 


If you have special requirements, please approach me about possible adjustments to content, duration and language.

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