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Do Care:
Healthy Leadership - 
for yourself and for others

The focus of this leadership workshop is on the influence managers have on their employees with regard to their physical and mental health. The potential effect is a reduction in workplace absence and fluctuation, as well as a general increase in performance. Today, “healthy leadership” is one of the most vital ingredients for a company’s competitiveness and future success. 


  • Role model: Self-esteem and self-leadership

  • The manager: Health factor No. 1

  • The 3 basic strategies of healthy leadership:

    • Health-oriented employee leadership

    • Setting a healthy example

    • Ensuring a healthy workplace

  • The 4-level model of healthy leadership

    • Target and task-oriented leadership

    • Employee-oriented leadership

    • Shaping working and organizational processes

  • Creating a company culture of healthy leadership

  • Structural and behavioural prevention

  • Recognizing health risks

  • Important factors for healthy employees:

    • Security, manageable workload, motivation, scope of action

  • Esteeming communication: 

    • The five languages of appreciation

    • A toolbox for effective and conscious communication

    • Active-constructive response, the 3:1-ratio, sandwich feedback


Training Methods:

  • Trainer input and moderated discussions

  • Workshop character: Individual and group work and plenum discussions

  • Questionnaires for analyzing your present state

  • Physical movement and relaxation

  • Personal handout


Agenda: Modular concept 
Module 1:

Input (approx. 3 -4 hrs) Trainer lecture – plenum discussion + subsequent individual work (reading handout + exercise) 

10 days later: Module 2:

Workshop (1 day) Learn and experience alternative communication – develop individual solutions

  • Presentation and discussions

  • Calibrating tailor-made solutions

  • Personal goal setting


2-3 weeks later: Module 3:

Ensuring knowledge transfer and coaching 

Minimum: Group web-meeting – individual telephone calls or

Standard: Face-to-face group meeting and/or

Premium: Personal on-site coaching / in live situations (e.g. meeting moderation, objective setting, kick-off event)

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