Wertschätzung ist etwas Wundervolles:
Sie bringt das, was an Anderen exzellent ist, auch mit uns in Verbindung.
Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well





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Trainer in Business

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Train the Trainer in Business

Trainer in Business (GCC)

In today's world of exploding knowledge and accelerating development cycles, companies are increasingly seeking state-of-the-art training concepts to enable employees to transfer know-how and business expertise to their colleagues in as effective a way as possible. These developments are generating an increasing demand for competent and trustworthy external partners to train internal staff how to deliver sophisticated international measures in training and personnel development.

Today's companies require trainers who understand and are able to implement the cutting-edge insights of modern adult educational theory. These trainers need to be able to:

  • develop effective training concepts,
  • deliver sustainability by developing competencies rather than imparting knowledge,
  • act and respond with sensitivity and confidence in intercultural settings.

Edwin Lemke, an experienced international trainer in both  technical training and soft skills, has developed a training concept to address these requirements: The "Trainer in Business (AHK)" qualification, devised  in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce Bonn, international companies and globally experienced trainers.

This unique training concept addresses the needs of two specific target groups:

  • Companies wishing to develop their own experienced employees as trainers and coaches - for reasons of cost and efficiency.
    These "part-time trainers" require adequate preparation for this challenging task, which often entails conducting training in a multi-national environment.
  • Trainers seeking to hone their skills by utilising the insights of modern adult education research and neuroscience and at the same time enhance their qualifications with a reputable certificate.

Seminar participants embark on this training with a self-learning module, followed by a 50-hour classroom module. They are not only taught the valuable insights of recent neuroscience and adult teaching research, but experience these at first hand and try them out for themselves in active practice sessions. The training entails a high proportion of active learning, process and performance skills and focuses in addition on cross-cultural aspects and differences in potential target audiences.

This German Chamber of Commerce qualification certifies personal and skills development at the highest level, providing a decisive competitive advantage for participating companies and trainers.

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